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Oh, the Disney Animated Canon. Wait, what do you mean that last one doesn't belong? It's not Disney? Don't be ridiculous, only Disney could produce animation of that quality!
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Top 11 Reasons Why Disney World/Land Sucks! + Bonus Disney Cartoons That Make me Burf

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All Animation Is Disney - TV Tropes

John Byrne once observed that when people complain about changes made to comic book characters, they're really only complaining about changes made to the characters after those people began reading the comic books involving them. In other words, larger changes made in the past were ignored by fans because they came before they started reading the books. This seems particularly true about cartoons, because typically as a kid you just watched whatever was on TV. There weren't a gazillion cable channels to choose from, so whatever the main networks aired, that's what you watched and you liked it.
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First 9 episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Original TMNT. Not the modern stuff. What are his favourites? The original stuff.
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As sitcoms increased dramatically in popularity in the s, and as Saturday morning cartoons began to pick up steam along with advertisements for toys, it quickly became clear that media was being made for children just as much as it was for adults. Yet just because there was more being made for kids specifically, that hardly meant that what kids were watching was worth watching at all. Understandably, having too much of a good thing often leads to being stuck with quite a lot of a really not that great thing. And as kids age out of the target demographics of the often simplistic and boring TV series, it's not hard to look back and wonder how the shows ever held their attention to begin with. Making a mental list of every show you watched in your childhood that you would never be able to sit through now could take a really, really long time.
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