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By Bonnie Schiedel Nov 5, Photo: iStockphoto. His son and daughter, aged three and five, were bickering in another room. He hollered for them to come and see him—planning only to give them a talking-to—and when his son entered the room, his eyes were fearful, his hands were on his behind and he was standing as far as he could from his dad. And so, starting when his kids were around three, spankings were the occasional punishment for behaviour like reaching for the stove or tearing up a book.
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Erotic Spanking - How to Properly Paddle That Posterior

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Spanking - Wikipedia

Ever found yourself on the wrong side of a brush or comb when your mom was trying to get your hair right? All she had to do was clench her legs around our little bodies in one quick motion and deliver a few good taps and we were out for the count. The reality is extension cords are just skinnier, longer, less expensive belts. Thankfully, moms had sense enough not to use this rather large device on any extremity above the waist. But if you acted up while her stories were on, she surely would pop you on the legs with this remote — and you better not cry! If a newspaper was the only household item you got popped with in an entire 24 hours you were feeling like Ice Cube, that was a good day. A real good one.
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How To Find The Right Whip For Your BDSM Play

Skip navigation! Story from Sex Toys. If you enjoy being spanked and you're ready to add a whip or two to your sex life , selecting the right one to fit your desires can be more complicated than you think. In the BDSM world , the word "whip" can refer to anything from floggers the tools with a sturdy handle and a bunch of tails to crops like the ones used for horses to single-tail bull whips , which are actually the most dangerous and ill-advised type for newbies, says Galen Fous, a kink-positive sex therapist and fetish sex educator. All of these whips can be used in what the BDSM community calls "impact play," which can include spanking, whipping, flogging, and caning.
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Erotic spanking is the act of spanking another person for the sexual arousal or gratification of either or both parties. It may involve very light and brief spanking or much more extensive spanking, including the use of implements such as whips or paddles. Activities range from a spontaneous smack on bare buttocks during a sexual activity, to occasional sexual roleplay , such as ageplay , to domestic discipline and may involve the use of a hand or the use of a variety of spanking implements, such as a spanking paddle or cane. The most common type of erotic spanking is administered on the bare buttocks , [2] but can also be combined with bondage , in order to heighten the sexual stimulation of the experience.
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