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The mouth and anus are not connected in the development of the embryo as earlier thought, shows a Norwegian ground-breaking study. Animals often form either the mouth or the anus from an opening that appears in the early embryo, which is called the blastopore. For instance, starfish develop the anus from the blastopore, but earthworms form the mouth out of it. How this happens has not been clear until now.
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The Brain Cells in Your Butt

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Overview of the Anus and Rectum - Digestive Disorders - MSD Manual Consumer Version

NCBI Bookshelf. During a bowel movement, the indigestible parts of our food leave our body. These are embedded in the pelvic floor muscles. The rectum, which is about 20 centimeters long, is the final section of the large intestine colon. This is where the indigestible parts of our food collect until the bowel is emptied. The anal canal, situated between the rectum and anus, is closed off by sphincter muscles and hemorrhoids.
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Discovering the origin of the anus and mouth

The digestive system works by pushing food through the intestines which usually takes between 24 to 72 hours. Muscular contractions squeeze peristalsis the food through the different sections of the intestine. These different sections are separated by bands of muscles, or sphincters, which act as valves. The passage of food from one area of the intestines to another is coordinated so that food stays in a specific area for long enough for the gut to do a particular job — absorb fluids and nutrients, or process and expel waste.
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You have brain cells in your anus, lots of them, which accounts for any number of insightful comments. They are also found in the gut only million of them stretching from your esophagus to your arse. Neurons have two main external components, dendrites and an axon , that extend, one from the top and one from the bottom. The dendrites are the conduits wiring from each neuron along which the neuron sends and receives information.
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